The days are growing longer in Alaska, which can mean only one thing… It is Denali Season!!!

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Yesterday a group of climbers from around the world met in Anchorage to begin an incredible journey. Each climber spent months preparing and training for climbing Denali, the “great one.”  The climbers began the day by having a team meeting, then the guides double checked that each climber brought all the gear necessary for the climb. The rest of the day was spent resting, relaxing and getting to know each other. Today the climbers  drove north to the sleepy little town of Talkeetna, where they met with the National Park Service and weighed-in their gear with our air services provider. Weather permitting, later this afternoon the climbers will board ski-equipped planes for the 45 minute flight to the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier, site of the bustling Denali Base Camp.

We invite you to follow their progress through posts and audio dispatches that team members will call in from the mountain.  We try to post dispatches on a daily basis, but many factors can prevent that from occurring, so please be patient and remember the old adage, “No News is Good News!”

Let’s meet the team:

  • Amy Godfrey from Washington
  • Daniel Khouri from Texas
  • Jay Martin from California
  • Rob Hutchinson from Georgia
  • Taro Yamagata from Japan
  • Michael Crowley from Washington

And the Guides for the team are:

  • Caitlin Hague from Alaska
  • Travis Williams from Colorado
  • Matt Bohne from Wyoming

Check back and follow your friends and family as they attempt to climb to the summit of North America!  We encourage you to post comments, but please realize that we have no good way to pass each comment along to the team.  Climbers do enjoy reading through your comments and good wishes, so please let them know you are thinking of them!

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