We are pleased to welcome the team members of our 5th Denali team of the 2015 climbing season.  The team consists of climbers  from points around the world.  Climbing a big, cold mountain such as Denali entails a lot of preparation, as well as a healthy dose of trust in your partners.  We really appreciate the trust these climbers have placed in us as partners in their upcoming experience.

Let’s meet the team!

Jorge Luis Decurgez from Chile

Kevin Baker from Colorado

Dmitry Orlov from Russia

John Klein from Arizona

Lajos Olah from Hungary

Alain Tardif from Canada


And our guide team:

Joe Butler from Alaska

Zac Davies from Colorado

Joda Hankins from Colorado

On Wednesday the group will gather for a team meeting/equipment check at the Millennium Alaska Hotel, in Anchorage.  We will post as often as possible and the team will call in audio posts from the field as well.  Please understand that updating this dispatch page involves numerous moving parts and the planets aligning well enough for the team to make successful satellite phone transmissions from a very rugged area.  When posts are not made on a daily basis, please hold onto the old axiom of, “No news is good news!”  More often than not, if we do not post an update, it merely means that the team might be too busy to call out from the glacier or perhaps the weather or neighboring tall peaks prevented them from calling our office.


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