Meet the June 20 Team and Update

Welcome, June 20 Team!!


Standing majestically at 20,310′ above the surrounding tundra and enticing mountaineers from around the world to test their mettle for over a decade, Denali has enticed another group of Mountain Trip climbers to head to the great white north. Less than 200 miles from the Arctic Circle, featuring frequent sub-zero temperatures in summer, deep, ever-changing crevasses.

On June 22nd the team met in Anchorage to begin their journey. They conducted a team meeting, equipment check, and picked up a few last minute items at the equipment store. Everything went smoothly and the team headed to Talkeetna early the morning on June 23rd. The team checked in with the National Park Service and with our air services provider, where they weighed in all of their personal and group expedition equipment. The weather was favorable and that afternoon the team was able to fly to the Kahiltna glacier. The team took a day to review skills, practice loading their sleds, and, in general, get ready to ascend.

We are so very proud of these climbers:

Paul Kitchin from California

Steve Martin from Arizona

Timothy Sosa from Arizona

Matt Melacon from Utah

The Mountain Trip guide team will be headed by Aaron Diamond, who will be assisted by Nicole Lawton and Derek Esposito.

Keep in mind while the team is on the glacier, deep in the Alaska Range, they may not be able to establish the best connection to call in updates from their satellite phone, especially when at Camp Two at 11,200′ (as it is in a basin with surrounding mountains occasionally blocking signal). Everyone is encouraged to leave encouraging comments for their friends and loved ones while on the route, but please keep in mind that they wont be able to read them until they return to Talkeetna, AK after the end of the expedition.

Best of luck on their endeavor to reach the highest point in North America!

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