May 6 Denali West Buttress 2016 — Meet the Climbers!

We are thrilled to welcome our first team of climbers of the 2016 Denali season, who are meeting our guide team today, May 6!


Each spring, as the days grow longer, climbers from around the world feel the siren song of the north country.  Many are drawn by the challenge of attempting to climb the highest peak in North America and to experience the grandeur of the wild, rugged, Alaska Range.  At 20,320 feet (6194m), Denali is visible from over a hundred miles away, dominating the horizon as a symbol of both welcome and apprehension for climbers flying into Anchorage’s Ted Stevens International Airport, as it rises a full 18,000′ above the surrounding landscape.Our team is an international one, and we would like to introduce them to you and encourage you to please follow their progress in the coming weeks.
The climbers:

Brent Cole | Alaska, USA
Michael Frame | Alaska, USA
Donald Lashley | North Carolina, USA
Grant Maughan | New South Wales, Australia
Mario Roncador | Italy
Scott Smith | New Jersey, USA
Gustav Deuss | California, USA
The Mountain Trip guide team is comprised of:
Yoshiko (Yoshi) Miyazaki-Back | Reno, Nevada, USA
Jeff Dobronyi | Ouray, Colorado, USA
Josh Miller | Ouray, Colorado, USA
We will post updates as often as possible and the team will call in audio posts from the field as well.  Please understand that updating this dispatch page involves numerous moving parts and the planets aligning well enough for the team to make successful satellite phone transmissions from a very rugged area.  When posts are not made on a daily basis, please hold onto the old axiom of, “No news is good news!”  More often than not, if we do not post an update, it merely means that the team might be too busy to call out from the glacier or perhaps the weather or neighboring tall peaks prevented them from calling our office.Good luck to the team.

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  1. Please send updates
    I wish the team good luck and special wishes to my friend Grant Maughn! Stay safe have fun God speed my friend!

  2. Way to go Mike! Looking forward to updates! Best of luck to you and your team! Keep safe. Keith Perrins (uncle Keith)

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