Team FUBAR arrived in Anchorage a few days ago to attempt Denali, the highest peak in North America. Their preparations began months ago with training, organizing their kit, and making travel arrangements. Now it’s time to get down to business!

Yesterday the team gathered at the Millennium Hotel in Anchorage and held their first team meeting, conducted an equipment check, then spent the afternoon resting and relaxing. The guide team picked up the climbers early this morning and they headed to Talkeetna, where they checked in with the National Park Service and participated in a mandatory climber orientation. The next stop will be at our air services provider, where the team will weigh in all of their equipment and supplies. If the weather cooperates, the team plans to fly to the glacier later this afternoon.

Let’s meet the self-named Team FUBAR:

Eugene Harrington from Ireland

Terry Kelleher from Ireland

Albert Connaughton from Ireland

Jonathan Cain from California

and Des O’Broin from Ireland


Alaskan Adam Smith will be heading up the Mountain Trip Guide team. He will be assisted by Travis Williams from Colorado, and Zach Keskinen from Alaska.

May 31 team


We will update this dispatch page as often as we hear from the team.  Please keep in mind that communications from the rugged Alaska Range can be challenging on a good, clear day.  When the weather is tough, calls from satellite phones can be even more disrupted.  If a day or two passes with no update, please hold onto the age old saying of, “No news is good news!”



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