Meet our June 28th West Buttress Team

Our June 28th West Buttress team is currently assembled at the Earth Bed and Breakfast in Anchorage, with all of their mountain kit spread out for our guides to look over.  This is part of a very detailed equipment check that we perform for each team member before we begin any expedition. The rest of the day will be spent running around Anchorage to pick up any last minute necessities and making some final preparations.  Tomorrow the team will drive up to the small town of Talkeetna to board ski-equipped fixed wing planes for the 45 minute flight into the heart of the Alaska Range.

This morning, the nine climbers and four guides of our team gathered over coffee and discussed their upcoming attempt of Mount McKinley.  For up to the next three weeks, they will camp and travel together, as they make their way up the slopes of the tallest mountain in North America.

Let’s meet the team!

Mike Johnson from the UK
Iwona Malgorzata Glonke from the UK
Donald Alexander from South Africa
Graham Moore from England
Derek Billham from the UK
Tyler McAuley from Canada
Sean Sibbald from Canada
Richard Maybank from the UK
Ian Bradley from England
Joe Butler (lead guide) from Alaska
Sean McManamy (guide) from Alaska
Kim Grant (guide) from Colorado
Dusting Horton (apprentice guide) from Alaska

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