May 28 Team Moves to 14 Camp

Today Team Alpha Whisky (May 28) made the move from 11,222′ to 14,000′. They cruised past Windy Corner and yesterday’s cache site and plateaued in the beautiful Genet basin. The views from 14 Camp are stunning—Mount Foraker is right in your face and the Alaska range seems to go on forever.


denali windy corner

Mountain Trip team above Windy Corner.


Mount Foraker

Looking south across the 14,200′ camp. Mount Foraker (17,402′), the second tallest peak in the Alaska Range, dominates the horizon.


The team is moving well and feeling good and spirits are high. Here’s Jonathan with the report:


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  1. Great work Team Alpha Whiskey! The pictures are amazing. We hope the weather holds for you. We are still tracking you Steve and Lara. Stay strong! Aly and Matt

  2. Hey Mike! This is so awesome to check in and see how you are doing. We heard that altitude is starting to affect you guys at this point now. The pictures are amazing. It has to be even more majestic in person. You can do this!!! You are so strong. Love you, Tina

  3. Hi Baby,
    I can’t believe I missed your call. I’m so proud of you. This has to be hard, but I know you can do this. Me and Abby are praying for you and miss you.
    Love, Marciela

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