May 28 Team at Camp 1

Mike called in the trip report for the May 28th team tonight. After an early start, the team left Base Camp, took a hard right hand turn, and carried on until Camp 1 at 7800′. It’s stunning terrain and hopefully the clouds will lift and the team can enjoy the views. It sounds like the team is feeling good, moving well, and enjoying the beginning of the journey.

denali camp 1 on clear day

Camp 1 on a very clear day


Here’s Mike:


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  1. So good to hear your voice “APACHE”!! The picture is beautiful! Mick and I got Marciela and Abby off to the airport early this morning. So far, their flights are on time. Be safe…..a lot of people are praying for you and your team every day. It will be exciting to hear the next day’s report! So proud of you Michael! Much love, Mom

  2. Mike! How can you not mention your Texas wingman! You sounded great but cold…but that is to be expected. As is your crazy cheater weekend antics. Keep yourself and Sean safe!

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