May 21 Team Moves to 14 Camp!

Gearoid called in the team report today for the May 21 Team. It sounds like it was a long day for the team as they moved from Camp 2 (11,200′) to 14 Camp (14,200′) and “windy corner” lived up to it’s moniker. The Team ascended past their cache site at 13,500′ and continued climbing up in to the beautiful Genet basin to make camp. It’s a stunning location for camp—Mount Foraker and Hunter are right in your face and you are tucked up high on the flank of Denali. Awesome!

Mount Foraker

Looking south across the 14,200′ camp. Mount Foraker (17,402′), the second tallest peak in the Alaska Range, dominates the horizon.


Note the snow walls in the photo above. The team fortifies camp with snow walls surrounding tents to protect the tents from wind. It takes a lot of work for the team to set up camp, which adds to the overall exertion.

Here’s Gearoid:


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  1. Indian food on the flank of Denali! Fantastic Wyatt! Have an amazing trip!
    Hello to all from Karen and Jim Nachtwey in Springfield, Illinois

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