May 18 Team Back at Base Camp

Kyle from the May 18 Team checked in from Base Camp. It’s clearly been an exhausting few days for the team and it sounds like everyone is ready for a hot shower, rest, and a big meal. Great job, crew!

Here’s Kyle:


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  1. Hello Michael. It was really good to hear Shawn’s trip report this morning. Sounds like a rough day yesterday but so glad you guys can rest up today. We continue to pray for you – for energy, stamina, and good spirits as you start up again tomorrow. I know you won’t get these messages until the end of your climb, but I hope you know your family loves you and you’re in everyone’s thoughts and prayers every day! Of course as your mom, your’re in my prayers moment by moment!! I hope you can call again. So proud of you! Love and hugs, Mom and Mick

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