May 18 Denali West Buttress Team – Pancakes at 14,200′

The May 18 Denali West Buttress team enjoyed clear weather and views of the surrounding peaks from their spectacular perch at Camp Three at 14,200′.

Here’s the update!

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  1. Hi Kyle, we just heard the trip report from Camp 3. We are happy to hear that the weather is good for you. It looks like you will turn 21 before you reach the summit. We hope you are feeling strong and happy. It’s your birthday here in Korea, and we are enjoying following your group’s progress. We love you, and wish you the best of luck on the rest of your climb.


    Mom & Dad

  2. Dear Kyle,
    Tom and I wish you a “top of the continent (almost)” 21st birthday! We’re enjoying all the trip reports and smiling big at your progress so far.
    Keep safe,

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