May 18 Denali Team Caches above Ski Hill

The May 18 Denali team called in an update from the kitchen tent at Camp One, 7,800′ on the Kahiltna Glacier. The team spent the day setting their first cache at the top of Ski Hill.

“Caches,” or buried supplies at strategic locations, are crucial to the team’s success on their climb. All of our teams on Denali typically climb in “expedition style,” which means leaving base camp loaded down with 22-days worth of supplies to acclimate and thrive on the mountain if they experience any delays due to weather. It would be tough to carry all of this gear to High Camp in a single push, so the team caches and backcarries (to retrieve their caches) along the way. You’ll frequently hear the team refer to this process along the way.

The team called in after having pizza dinner on the glacier at Camp One! Tomorrow they will be moving up to Camp Two at 11,200′ tomorrow!

Here’s the team!


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  1. Hi Colin,
    As I putter around outside in the flower beds on this beautiful May long weekend, I think of you……and I wonder how you and all your team mates are doing. Wishing you and all your team mates every success in your journey and big hugs from all of us here in Comox, BC Stay safe….Betty

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