May 17 Team at a very blustery High Camp

Mountain Trip lead guide Aaron Diamond called in an update on the May 17 Denali West Buttress Team, waiting out more wind at High Camp. The team has a few days left on their expedition schedule before their turn-around date and they plan to continue to wait it out, in hopes of a better summit window, with warmer temperatures. The daily high temperatures for between High Camp and the summit of Denali have been hovering between -20 and -5 F. Fingers crossed that conditions improve for the team in the coming days. Subsisting at 17,200′ for nearly a week is no small feat, especially in cold and windy conditions, and the team is doing well and keeping spirits high.

Here’s Aaron!


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  1. Good luck mum! You’ve got this girl, if not you’re going in the pool… 😉

  2. Hoping when you are reading this, back at base Peter, you have summited.
    We have kept everything crossed and Nanna posted on all happenings. She has everything crossed!!
    Amazing strength of mind to sit it out. You are all impressive!

  3. The suspense is killing me! 🙂 hope you are all doing well and the weather is kind to you very soon.

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