May 11 West Buttress Team calls from the SUMMIT of Denali! 20,310′

We can’t help but share on the excitement! The May 11 Team calls in a quick dispatch while on the summit of Denali — the highest point in North America — 20,310′!

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  1. Lindsey Burris

    Never doubted you would do it! Way to go guys! God had his hand on your trip!
    Lindsey Burris

  2. Jace Burris

    Way to go bro! I’m in awe! The Memorial Day of all Memorial Days!! How totally awesome. Love you.

  3. Stefanie

    Wohoooowopwop <3

  4. Judy Burris

    I loved seeing the summit through Todd’s voice!! Congratulations to all of you. We all have such grateful hearts that you reached the summit! Love, Judy Burris (Todd’s mom)

  5. Michael Ladstätter

    Wow! Congratulations from Austria, I am proud of all of you! Enjoy this feeling and come back healthy. Thats really all that matters. Hugs, Michael

  6. Elvira Aiello Flagg

    Congratulations! Great achievement

  7. Katharina Kellner

    Congratulations to all of you! Glad to hear you are doing well. Mein geliebter Fritz, was für eine tolle Leistung… Ich bin sehr stolz auf dich! Viele viele Kuesse! Kathi

  8. Sigrid

    You did it!!!!
    Happy with you.
    Looking forward to see you and listen to the story of this big big adventure.
    Sigrid & Family

  9. Martin Sailer

    I am very impressed; Never doubted that you will make it if conditions allow. Markus and the team, enjoy these special moments and keep them in your heart. Come back safely , looking forward to more reports. Congratulations and warm regards from Austria. Martin

  10. Martin Sailer

    I am very impressed; Markus and the team, Enjoy these special moments and keep them in your heart. Now, come back safely. Congratulations and warm regards from Austria. Martin

  11. Todd Baur

    WOW!!! Congratulations Chris and team. Looking forward to your stories around a campfire on our next river trip. See any Yetis?

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