May 8th Denali Team in Base Camp

The team is off to a great start and flew into base camp on a beautiful day yesterday.   We drove to Talkeetna from Anchorage in the morning, and after a briefing and check in with one of the National Park Service climbing rangers, loaded their piles of gear into planes and flew into base camp.  They set up camp near the landing strip on the South East fork of the Kahiltna Glacier where they’ll spend a day getting rigged and going over glacier travel skills before heading up towards camp 1 on Sunday.

The May 8 Mountain Trip Denali Expedition Team in Anchorage

The May 8 Mountain Trip Denali Expedition Team in Anchorage

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  1. What a fine-looking group–especially that extremely handsome man in the red parka!!

    Are those actual TOES that I am seeing? Goodness. I hope y’all brought some socks along. I hear it can get sorta chilly on Alaskan mountains.

    Xoxoxoxo to you, DearJosh. You are in my every thought (every micro-thought even).


  2. I’m with Stardust on this one. Josh looks bundled up compared to the rest of the crew! Wishing all a safe expedition!

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