May 8 West Buttress Team Has Arrived in Kahiltna Base Camp!

The team called in from Base Camp yesterday at 7,200 feet. Base Camp is located on the southeast fork of the Kahiltna Glacier, a tributary of the mile-wide and 40-mile long Kahiltna Glacier. The crew has high spirits as they open up the Denali season for Mountain Trip! They enjoyed a delicious dinner of pizza they bought in Talkeetna and flew in to enjoy fresh, paired with a salad; the last of fresh veggies they will enjoy for the duration of the expedition.

The team plans to move to Camp 1 at 5 a.m. this morning. Since it is relatively early in the Denali season, our teams do not have to move on what we call a “night schedule” just yet, but will still take advantage of the cooler temps of the early morning. In Alaska this time of year, the nights are getting much shorter. The sun sets just before midnight and comes up again around 4 a.m., making an eye mask more necessary than a headlamp!

Guide Maddie Crowell calls in to update us. Listen here: Recording


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  1. Thanks for the news! This is the first trip David has been on that provides updates, so this is a new and welcome element of his adventure for us at home.

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