May 8 Team Still Waiting at Base Camp

The team is still at base camp waiting for a flight back to Talkeetna.  It’s been a long stretch of bad weather across South Central Alaska and in the Alaska Range and no flights have gone in or out of base camp for almost a week now.   We are still watching the forecasts closely and hoping the improving weather allows them to fly out later Sunday or Monday.   They are in good company with over 100 climbers waiting to fly out, and even more stacked up in Talkeetna hoping to fly to base camp to start their climbs.

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  1. Hi Rudy,

    I bet this is not what you bargained for! (weisch no?) Obwohl es nicht so herausgekommen ist, wie Du wohl erwartet hast, hoffe ich, dass es Dir gut geht und dass ihr bald rausfliegen koennt. Toi toi toi von uns allen!
    Hoping the long awaited break is coming soon!


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