May 8 Team Rest Day at High Camp

Guide Maddy Crowell calls in to update us from High Camp at 17,200′ (5242m). As I explained in the report yesterday, you can be ready to go for the summit but there are a lot of variables to be considered. Yesterday the team was waiting out some cold temps (a wind chill on the summit of -50F and at High Camp wind chill -35F, ambient air temp at High Camp is -13F) and winds. They watched closely to see if conditions would improve, but teams have to set a time deadline for the day where if conditions have not improved by then, they no longer have time to wait and attempt the summit and must wait for another day. Hopefully today the team is finding more accommodating conditions today and are able to make an attempt.

A photo of a 2021 team on the ridge towards the summit

Here’s Maddy!


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