May 8 Team Rest Day at Camp 3

Josh updates us from 14,200′ (4328m) to report that the team enjoyed a well earned rest day today. They walked out to the “Edge of the World” which is where Camp 3 suddenly drops 6,000′ (1828m) to the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna below. This dramatic drop offers fantastic views, and a nice way to stretch the legs while hanging at Camp 3. Camp at 14,000′ is where the medical station for the Park Rangers is set up. It is also where many Denali teams will congregate as they wait for their summit push. It can be a very fun and social time for teams as they mingle with each other and meet new people from all over the world! Rest days at 14,200′ also can often mean some seriously fantastic meals whipped up by our chef/guides, and hot lunches like quesadillas. Yum!

The team has stayed right on track on their way up the mountain, aside from one weather day. They made their last cache yesterday, and now they rest up for the big final push! The team still has a lot of work ahead of them. As they move even higher on the mountain, they will continue to encounter more technical terrain, at much higher altitudes, and chillier temps. Obviously, these factors can make things more challenging. But this is what they have been preparing for! Cheering the team on from afar!

Here’s Josh:


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  1. So good to hear his voice! Sounds like the group is having a great time. Fervently hoping that things continue to go their way!

  2. Things sound great and solid with the team. Sending positive, supportive vibes for a safe and successful summit push. Go team May 8th, you all rock! God speed….

  3. Hope all is going well JT and you’re crushing it with your Sherpa levels of blood oxygenation! Good luck for the summit push…remember those liner gloves! Best wishes, Burty

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