May 8 team: rest day at 14k

The weather sounded harsh up there today, and the May 8 team hunkered down in their fortified camp to wait out the weather and give another try at moving to high camp when the weather improves.

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  1. Hey Rudy and company,

    glad to hear all is well! The picture with the tent looks amazing! Hard to believe from down here. While you’re freezing up there at high altitude, we had a hellish heat wave of 106 F. and wild fires. All of this must seem very far away and irrelevant…
    Greetings from your nephews!

  2. Schnüggu (Rudy), halt durch und sei bitte, bitte vorsichtig. Und dann bezwing bald diesen elenden Gipfel und komm endlich wieder nach Hause 😉 Ok? Vermisse Dich.

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