May 8 Team Resides in High Camp

Our guide Maddie Crowell updated us last night from another day in High camp. Even though the team is seeing gusts of up to 45mph and wind chill temps of around -30F, she reports the team is in high spirits and excited to make their summit bid! The forecast is looking better for today and tomorrow, bringing in calmer conditions and warmer temps. It takes some admirable endurance to reside in the conditions found at the high altitude of 17,200′ (5242m), only 200 miles south of the Arctic Circle. But a good attitude will get you just about anywhere, and we know the team is hanging tough and not ready to give up! Hopefully today or tomorrow the team will be able to make a summit attempt and be rewarded for these tent days. What’s a trip to Alaska without some extended tent time?? Arguably not an Alaska trip at all 😉




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  1. Sending strong vibes for continued patience, good spirits and a beautiful weather window just around the corner for a summit bid. You guys are awesome, continue to hang tight and keep those spirits up. You’re showing amazing resilience!! Just think of all the awesome stories you have to tell when you get back home! God speed!!

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