May 8 Team Chilling at High Camp

Patrick updates us from High Camp today. The team has been there for a few days now, waiting for that perfect weather window! Thus far, high winds have prevented them from a summit attempt. But it looks like Saturday will bring more favorable conditions. Sitting at High Camp is not exactly glorious. But the team is in high spirits and feeling optimistic. In his report Patrick mentions “ramen bombs” which are a delicious high calorie concoction of ramen with instant mashed potatoes. You’d be surprised what hits the spot when you’re camped in the snow at high altitude. This is a great time for a lot of journaling, reading, or perfecting card game skills..

A 2021 team on the ridge



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  1. Hang in there team. The right conditions make all the difference in a successful summit rally. Stay hydrated, upbeat and well rested. It will be worth waiting for!!!

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