May 8 Team – At 11,200′ Camp

It has been a few days since we heard from the team.  They have had a bit of challenge with communicating, due to the terrain in which they are camped.  They are at the beautiful basin camp located at 11,200 feet, that is bordered on three sides by steep walls, with one open side facing to the west.

Those steep walls on the southern edge of camp can make it very tough to call out on the satellite phone, as the satellites that connect to the phone are all orbiting the planet to the south of Denali.  The team is doing well, and they are planning to carry a load of food, fuel and equipment up and around a feature known as Windy Corner to an elevation near 13,700 feet.

The team will try to call in a dispatch later today.

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  1. Rodnali,

    Have been thinking about you and your MOST AWESOME adventure on a daily basis, and am hoping for continued excellent McK-conditions (perhaps a new ad theme for the favorite eating establishment) toward your ongoing and successful progress up the BEAST! Am in Mountain View, CA writing this message about 4 hours before my interview with Google, AND you can bet that you and the team will be a primary topic of conversation during the lunch portion of the day’s activities. From the summary, it LOOKS like you’ll be getting near 14kft today w/a load carry (How’s that SLED treating you???). Best of luck with the continued acclimatization process, and STAY SAFE Bro! REALLY looking forward to the stories and pics of your success upon your return. Make a GREAT day:)

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