May 8 Denali Team – Still Stuck at Base Camp…

The May 8 team is sitting in what probably seems like the inside of a ping pong ball right now, waiting on the skies to clear so a succession of planes can fly them and the many score of other climbers with them, off the glacier.

If you have not already done so, it is interesting to look at the view of the Range from Talkeetna Air Taxi’s webcam.

Here is a screenshot of the view on a clear day:

Denali webcam on clear day

And this is the view from a few minutes ago…

Denali Webcam May 30

We’ll keep you updated when the weather breaks, but for now, the team is just hanging out, waiting…

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  1. Switzerland is with you!!!

    Schnugg, jetzt hast Du’s geschafft: ich denke Tag und Nacht nur noch an Dich! 😉 Ich hoffe so sehr, dass es Euch den Umständen entsprechend gut geht, Ihr noch genug Proviant habt und dass Ihr ENDLICH fliegen könnt! Sende ganz viele warme und positive Gedanken auf den Gletscher.

    “Chum glii, glii hei – Dini Mänele, es chüels Feldi u ä Grillwürschtu warte sehnlichscht uf Di!”

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