May 8: attempt to move to high camp

Word was passed through the Mountain Trip grapevine on the West Buttress: the May 8 team attempted to move to high camp today but ultimately made the decision to return to 14 camp. They are settling back into camp and all is well. Any time a team moves up to a higher elevation is a challenge, so the team should be close to getting hot food in their stomachs and settling into their sleeping bags for some well-earned rest.

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  1. H.B. Rodney,

    Sounds like it was a tough day today. Remember we are all pulling for you, Bro !!! Lots of admiration for you hanging in there, pushing through in the COLD beauty of the land.
    Be safe and ENJOY it all. Yes… a fine line between pain and pleasure… We wish you the best weather for next few days.

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