May 8, 2014 West Buttress Expedition – Meet The Team!

The days are growing longer in Alaska, which can mean only one thing… It is Denali Season!!!

Denali image

Our first team of the season is in Anchorage and our guides are helping each of the climbers review their personal equipment and finalize their packing for their expedition.  Today will be spent in Anchorage and tomorrow we will drive the climbers north to the sleepy little town of Talkeetna, where they will meet with the National Park Service and then, weather permitting, the climbers will board ski-equipped planes for the 45 minute flight to the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier, site of the bustling Denali Base Camp.

We invite you to follow their progress through posts and audio dispatches that team members will call in from the mountain.  We try to post dispatches on a daily basis, but many factors can prevent that from occurring, so please be patient and remember the old adage, “No News is Good News!”

Let’s meet the team:

  • Clarence Von Ahn from the Sweden
  • Rodney Cline from North Carolina
  • Joshua Clark from Louisiana
  • Rudy Lauener from Switzerland
  • Simon Holland from Australia
  • Ryan Magner from New Jersey
  • Siti “Hanis” Sharuddin from Malaysia
  • Zainudin “Deeno” Lot from Malaysia
  • Muhammad “AM” Ishak from Malaysia

And the Guides for the team are:

  • Sean McManamy from Girdwood, Alaska
  • Ted Grosgebauer from Anchorage, Alaska
  • Zac Davies from Utah and points beyond

Check back and follow your friends and family as they attempt to climb to the summit of North America!  We encourage you to post comments, but please realize that we have no good way to pass each comment along to the team.  Climbers do enjoy reading through your comments and good wishes, so please let them know you are thinking of them!

Follow the team on their Spot GPS Tracking device HERE!

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  1. Wheeeeeee! Welcome to the Mountain, y’all!

    Sean, Ted, and Zac– I trust you will take excellent care of your whole climbing krewe. What an enormous responsibility! SO glad there are three of you!!

    Wondering this: Is it too late to get a fourth? Only asking because you have Joshua Clark with you this go-round, and…well…you’ll see (if you haven’t already). He can be quite a handful! Although–he’s also like having a one-man pep-rally along for the ride, and he’s got the energy of 10 regular men, the optimism of a unicorn-seahorse, and a mind like a genius trapeze artist. So, maybe there actually only needs to be two of you!

    Josh~~ I’ll be thinking about you every second of every minute of every day.

    HAVE FUN!!!!


  2. Best of luck to all of you!!! Rudy, we are following your progress with great interest. Enjoy every moment!
    Your sister and other fans from SoCal

  3. Good luck to all. So proud of you Ryan Magner. Love you bunches. Can’t wait to hear all your stories.

  4. Dear Dad Simon,
    We hope you have a safe and great time on the mountain.
    love Matthew, Daniel, Adam, Joel, Sonia and Daisy woof woof

  5. Hulu Häser (Hello Rudy 😉 Sende Dir herzliche Grüsse (und Müntschis) aus der warmen Stube. Ich hoffe es geht Dir gut, Du hast Spass und das ganze Team ist wohlauf. Denke an Dich!

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