May 7th Team moves to Camp 2 @ 11,200 ft

Carly calls in from Camp 2 at 11,200 feet. The team had beautiful weather in the range and successful moved from Camp 1 up to Camp 2. Upon arrival they all enjoyed a meal of fresh caught Alaska salmon mac n cheese! They are now positioned and ready to trade in their snowshoes for crampons to continue their climb up Denali. Let’s all hope for more good weather to come! Stay tuned!

West Buttress Route


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  1. It was great to hear your voice and that you are making good progress. Love you, enjoy the climb and I’ll be following your adventure everyday. God knows, that the only way I would every experience this climb is , through your eyes. Thank You! XOXOXOX

  2. Sounds like everyone earned their salmon and mac and cheese. Sending hugs and good thoughts! Love from the home front!

  3. Carly, I’m so proud of you. You have grown into a wonderful and adventurous woman who is beautiful inside and out. Continue on this fabulous journey you have planned for yourself. I’m jealous of the life you have ahead, but hopefully I can enjoy it through your experiences. Love you and stay safe❤️

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