May 7 Everest Expedition Dispatch

The whole crew is here today – our team of climbing Sherpa moved up to Camp 2 with us today bringing the last of the equipment needed for the time being. Greg, Vanessa, and I are still working on acclimating to living at over 21,000ft, so we had another mellow day here with a little hike after lunch. The main goals now are to ensure everything is in place and that we are prepared for our summit push in less than two weeks time!

Our team of climbing Sherpa including, DaOngchhu, Karma Geljen, DaNurbu, and Tawa Sherpa, plan to make two carries of oxygen up to the S. Col. at over 8000 meters in the coming days. It’s a huge job that not many people would even be capable of, but these guys are incredible at this altitude.

We are excited to see the upper mountain looking in great shape with some new snow now. Everyone is excited and anxious as this final phase of our climb nears. Here are some shots of the guys hanging out at Camp 2 this evening. Nurbu wearing flip flops at 21,500ft… Lhotse face in the background. Tawa, DaOngchhu, Karma, and NaTemba in the C2 kitchen tent.

– Bill Allen Owner/Guide Mountain Trip International

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