May 7 Denali Team – Active Rest Day at 14 Camp

It doesn’t sound like the May 7th team is having any fun at all.. Good-natured ribbing and the application of nicknames is rarely an indication that spirits are high and the crew has gelled into a team. 😉

Today, the team dropped a little way below camp to retrieve their cache from about 13.500′. This required only about 20 minutes of descent and took only about an hour to carry their supplies back to camp. They were able to sleep in and feasted on a big, leisurely breakfast before getting to work, and spent the afternoon reviewing skills that they will need to use to climb the steep terrain above camp.

Here is “No Fart” Carl, aka “Big Farting Carl,” aka Carly Casternovia, calling in from 14,200′!


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  1. Loved today’s report! So proud of Carly, I mean “No Fart Carl” or “Big Farting Carl”. That a girl Carly, you can keep up with the best of them! My next Fart will be in your honor….LOL Stay safe and know I love you! I thought Carly Doodle was a cute name I gave you, but it guess it can be pronounced Doodle like pooping, so the Farting nicknames go right along with the Doo!

  2. Hey Logan…wishing you a fabulous natal day! We will be celebrating the wonderfulness that is you here on the flatland and hopefully you will be having a grand time on the mountain! Sending warm hugs your way. Love you!

    • That’s my girl Carly nothing holds you back. Including farts. LOL! Your are a amazing women I’m so proud of you taking on this exciting adventure. The memories will be with you forever. I was great hearing you laughing on the recording I can see your beautiful smile. Following you every day and looks like you have a great team. Love Mama

  3. Carly, following your ascent and sobriquets with great interest. Sounds like you’re an asset to the team. Maybe they’ll name a geological feature after you. Gas Pass? Wishing you all the best. Jan/Mutt

  4. Happy birthday Wild Bill!! Stoked you’re ringing in 31 on the High One. Sending lots of love and Wild Buoy bad behavior from Denver!

    – T, E & Wild Buoy

  5. Logan- another birthday on the mountain! I can’t imagine a more beautiful place to celebrate life! Happiest of birthdays, my son! I love you!
    Diane and Tom

  6. Love hearing your voice and following the trip. I always called you Carly Dooder now I can call you stinky Dooder😉😊. Stay safe, love you

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