May 6 Team – Thank You

Hi All!

Thank you all for following our trip blog, I hope Robert kept you all well entertained and informed on most of our audio dispatches, thanks Robert!!

Well, Denali sometimes is extra hard to climb and on this trip certainly didn’t take it easy on us. This expedition had to put up with pretty bad weather all along our trip, including a few rainy days in Talkeetna at the beginning of our trip, but the team always stayed positive and had a great attitude all along the climb, witch speaks great from all our team members.
I want to thank Robert, Michael, Chris, Candice, Mike, Scott and Dylan for having such great attitude on the mountain specially when the weather didn’t give us a hand to keep climbing.  It was a pleasure to get to know all of you, and spend some time in the mountains and in the kitchen tent where almost everything happens when not on the trail.
On behalf of the guide team, I want to thank all the climbers and let you know that we enjoyed climbing with you all.
Keep in touch and see you on the hills.
Sebastian Grau.
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  1. Thank you to all the amazing guides (seba, Matt, Ben, and Udi) on the May 6th team! The experience was incredible and you all were so helpful, funny, and we learned so much! Not to mention great cooks 🙂
    Thanks guys!!! Mountain trip truly has a great group of guides!!!!

    Happy adventures!
    ~Candice smith

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