May 6 Team – Pictures From 15,000′ today!

Jeff Dobronyi had enough of a cell signal to send out a couple of pictures from today’s practice session above the 14,200′ Camp.  14,573′ Mount Hunter is in the distance.

may 14 2016 denali team

The team hiked uphill a bit, towards the next big challenge – the fixed lines.  The fixed lines are two strands of rope, anchored into the ice at semi-regular intervals, and onto which climbers attach themselves for security on a steep section of route.  They start at about 15,600′ and run up to the crest of the ridge at 16,200′.  Climbers attach themselves to the lines using ascenders (fancy mechanical rope clamps!), which require some technique to use efficiently.  Today, the team did some fixed line practice, as high winds prevented them from climbing the actual fixed lines.

fixed line practice

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  1. Whahoooo!! Great pics! Glad to hear you all are safe. We heard conditions were bad!! Looks beautiful!!! We are all cheering for your team!

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