May 6 Denali Team – Doing the Talkeetna Hang

Well, the weather doesn’t look great for a flight into the Alaska Range today, and our team is most likely facing another night in Talkeetna, although my fingers are crossed that they might get the call to load up and ship out!

Making lemons out of such lemonade is part of the job of a mountain guide, so the team is taking advantage of their unplanned down time in Talkeetna to review skills, and finalize the rigging of their packs, sleds, etc, so that they can hit the glacier running when they are finally able to fly.


Reviewing the nuances of how to efficiently set up tents.


The weather is effectively “shut down” in pilot parlance…


Rigging packs for glacier travel is part art, part science.


Denali requires a lot of food, supplies and equipment, much of which is pulled behind climbers on sleds. Here the team reviews how to efficiently and effectively rig their sleds.


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