May 4 Denali Team – Acclimatizing And Waiting For Weather

Erich called in from 14,200′.  The team has been keeping an eye on the weather, waiting for a window in which they can push up to High Camp at 17,200′ and then a summit push.

Today, they went for a hike to aide in the acclimatization process.  They climbed up onto the upper part of the neighboring West Rib route, stretching their legs and taking a sort of “active rest day.”  The weather moved in while they were out, so they came back to camp in a bit of a snowstorm.  Apparently, a small bird decided that one of their tents looked like good shelter from the storm, and so they picked up a new tent mate!

climbers at 14200Mountain Trip climbers at the 14,200′ camp watch snow blow off the upper West Rib.

The plan is to wait at 14,200′ until they see a good looking stretch of weather present itself.  They will then climb back up the fixed lines to gain the ridge at 16,200′ and will continue along the ridge for another thousand feet until they arrive at High camp.  The ridge offers some of the most fun and engaging climbing on the route, plus – it has some really fun (and BIG) exposure!

Here’s Erich!

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