May 30th and 27th Teams – On The SUMMIT!

Teamwork ruled the day! Rob Caldwell and Terry Robertson from our May 27th team joined forces with Lead Mountain Trip Guide Kristin Arnold, Matt Millard, Asher Perez, Roi Negri and guide Kakiko Ramos-Leon to climb to the top of north America!

They had a bluebird day and enjoyed the view from the summit with no wind and warm temperatures. It doesn’t get any better!

The day started with a two-hour ascent up a rising traverse known as The Autobahn, named in the dark humor of Alaska climbers for a party of Germans who slipped years ago. Taking a short break at the top of the Autobahn, at Denali Pass, the low point between the north and (higher) south summits of Denali, they then continued up a short steep climb past Zebra Rocks, light grey pillars with black stripes. Continuing up, they made good time winding around a short hill coming off the SW of a rock known as Archdeacon’s Tower and then dropped donw a bit onto a large, lfat expanse of glacier known as the Football Field.

Two hours later, they had climbed up an 800′ moderately steep slope known as Pig Hill and made their way out the stunning summit ridge, a true knife-edged feature that climbs about 300′ over 1000 horizontal feet to the summit of Denali.

They are on their way back to High Camp right now, working their way back down Pig Hill as I type.

Congratulations to all the climbers! Strong work!!!

Here is a wonderful call from the summit in three languages! Disfrutenselo!


Denali upper mountain route map

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