May 30th Denali Team Backcarries From 10,100′

Our May 30th West Buttress expedition checked in from their Camp 2 at 11,000 feet. I believe it was Matt Millard on the satellite phone, updating us that the team had a relatively easy day today. They slept in, ate a fat breakfast, and then hiked downhill about 900′ to the site if the cache that they had buried two days ago. After digging up their supplies and distributing loads among the team, they carried their loads up to camp.

We often refer to this day as an “active rest day,” because while the climbers did get out and work, but it was relatively mellow compared to the previous three days. They were able to elevate their respiratory and heart rates, which should help them further acclimatize, but they didn’t really push themselves. The rest of the afternoon was spent reviewing skills for the more technical coming days and lounging around camp.

Here’s Matt!


PS – if that is not Matt, please let us know in comments! Thanks.

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