May 30 Denali West Buttress Team – Final Dispatch

Thank you to everyone who followed our progress on Denali!
Our team’s time together on “The Tall One” has come to an end, and teammates have begun their journey back to their residences around the world; new friendships and many memories in tow. The entire team prepared well and sacrificed many things to experience an expedition to one of the most remote regions in North America, the Alaska Range.
An expedition in Alaska is sure to present many challenges and all teammates attacked these head on….heavy loads, long days, weather, and the taming of the egregious sleds (yes, all of them received fitting names!). Our goal from the beginning was to have a successful expedition: one where everyone came home healthy and had a good experience. A trip to the summit, on a beautiful day, was just an added bonus to a 16 day expedition. Overall, the weather we experienced was mild and clear days enabled incredible unobstructed views of Denali’s mighty neighboring peaks and glaciers.
The transition back to “normal life” and amenities we take for granted all present pleasant surprises such as free flowing water, comfortable restrooms, and jumping into bed without sleeping with a million bits of damp gear and equipment.
Thank you to the entire team for entrusting Mountain Trip and your crew of guides on an incredibly challenging and rewarding mountain. We hope to share more experiences with you in the mountains in the years to come! Until then enjoy lots of fresh greens, rest, and time with good friends and family!
– Lead Guide, Kristin Arnold
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