May 30 Denali Team Pushed Up Glacier

Bharat Puri called in from the site of the team’s Camp 2, in a very pretty basin tucked up against the southwest side of Denali, immediately below the massive West Buttress of the mountain. They were fortunate that the glacier was enshrouded in fog for much of their climb, keeping temperatures cooler as they worked hard.

The crew packed up their camp at 7,800′ on the Kahiltna Glacier and started up hill right outside of camp. Pulling heavy sleds and shouldering heavier packs, they climbed up a long incline known as Ski Hill, which led them upwards to about 9,500′. The slope angle lessened and they covered a couple of more miles to reach the head of the Kahiltna Glacier at about 10,200′. At this point, they took a hard right turn, and began climbing the last thousand or so feet eastward up into the basin in which they established camp.

Here’s Bharat!


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  1. Hey all, really appreciate the daily updates of your progress. Happy the weather has been cooperative so far and will hopefully continue to be so. You guys are amazing…be safe and well ! mb

  2. I am really enjoying the daily updates. Happy to hear that you are making good progress. Be safe and prayers on a daily basis for Bharat and entire crew. Take care, Denny

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