May 29 Team Moves to Camp 3

Lead guide Jacob Schmitz calls in last night. The team was able to move up to Camp 3 yesterday, 14,200′ (4328m). We now have several Mountain Trip teams at Camp 3, party! Arriving at Camp 3 is always an exciting part of the expedition. Being at Camp 3 sets you up for the move to High Camp and a summit bid. Teams will wait here until they know they have a few days worth of good weather up high, when that window is good the team will move up to High Camp and then from there they can make their summit bid. Usually, a lot of teams on Denali will congregate at this camp. It is a bustling little town here at 14,200′ (4328m), with folks from all over the world of all different backgrounds, and sometimes even some legendary or famous climbers.

Looking down on Camp 3

Here’s Jacob:


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  1. Making solid progress- so good to hear! Wishing you guys some promising weather windows in the days ahead 💪🏼🏔

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