May 28 West Buttress – Team Shan!

We are pleased to welcome Shan Huang to Alaska!  Shan is joining us from Singapore and will be joined by Mountain Trip guides Brian Kramp, Taylor Pyle and Glenn Cramer as she attempts to limb the iconic West Buttress route of Denali, North America’s tallest mountain.

Over the course of the next three weeks, the team will climb from 7,200′ (2145 m) up to the 20,310′ (6190 m) summit of Denali.

west buttress route photoDenali is an extremely tough mountain to climb, as climbers must carry all their food , fuel and equipment for spending three weeks at high altitude, just south of the Arctic Circle.  The mountain rises a full 18,000 feet (5486 m) above the surrounding tundra, which is a taller vertical gain than any mountain on the planet.  As such, it is like a magnet for difficult, and often extreme weather.  Thus far this season, the weather has been very tough and temperatures have been colder than ever in memory.  But, as they say in Alaska, if you don’t like the weather – wait a few days!

We will post updates as the team calls them in from the field.  This will enable you to experience their expedition through their words.  Communicating from the rugged Alaska Range is very challenging, as the tall peaks interfere with satellite communications with frustrating regularity.  If they miss a day or two, please don’t worry – keep the old adage in mind that “No News Is Good News!”



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