May 28 Shan Denali Team – Moved To Camp 1

Mountain Trip guide Glenn Cramer called in on behalf of Shan Huang and the Mountain Trip May 28 team.  They had a beautiful day today, hiking about five miles up the long Kahiltna Glacier to a flat, compact spot at about 7,800′ (2195 m).  They set up their first camp of the expedition (Camp 1) and enjoyed the crystal clear views of the numerous surrounding mountains.

The Kahiltna Glacier is the longest in Denali National Park, stretching about 44 miles from its high point at 10,350′ (3155 m) at Kahiltna Pass, south past lifetimes of amazing climbing objectives.  It is about 2.5 miles (4 km)wide at points, which is really difficult to comprehend when you are hiking up it.  The scale of everything is almost too much to wrap your head around!

They had great conditions, with a firm, well-packed trail.  Everyone did great and Shan moved very well as the team started their ascent of the West Buttress route.

Here’s Glenn!

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