May 28 Team Backcarry day from 11,000 camp

The May 28th Denali team enjoyed the beautiful weather in the Alaska Range today. They are at the 11,000 ft camp again today and went down to where they’d cached some food and fuel 2 days ago to retrieve their cache and bring it up to the 11,000 camp. This is called a “back carry” and is a way to break up the load carrying and maintain a good acclimatization schedule as the team moves up the mountain. Tomorrow they’ll load up their packs again and carry food and fuel up to around 13,500 ft and then spend a 3rd night at the 11,000 camp.

Here’s Andrew with the evening dispatch from the Mountain Trip May 28 team.

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  1. Hello team!! And, please give Michael (APACHE) lots of hugs and kisses from mom!! Glad everyone is doing well and enjoying the climb! Stay strong and have fun!! Love, Mom and Mick

  2. Woohoo team AW! I’m glad to hear the weather is still holding. Be well, rest well, and keep enjoying life!

  3. Hey Smack. Your mom is following along…so give her a shout. And Flash was able to talk to me for about 15 minutes today. It was only 95 (rather than the 107 yesterday) and I’m sure you are glad to be there instead of here. Love you! GG

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