May 28 Denali Team Caches at 16,400ft

The May 28th team has been working hard, with good weather they’ve been moving right up the mountain and today put a cache of food and fuel on the ridge at 16,400 ft in preparation for moving up to high camp soon.  It’s a solid day of climbing from the 14,200 ft basin of Camp 3 up some steep terrain, fixed ropes, and then a beautiful but exposed ridgeline.  They are looking forward to taking a rest and acclimatization day tomorrow so everyone is ready for the final push up to high camp and then to the top!

Here’s Sean with the evening expedition dispatch:

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  1. Great hearing Sean Karls report today. Sounds real cold….no doubt you have the right sleeping bag this time!

    Aloha from balmy sea level,

  2. Willie,
    It is great to get the daily reports from the May 28 Team. Keep up the good work and “May the Weather Be With You”!
    xoxo JJ

  3. Steve and Lara – we are thinking of you and your team! What an adventure.
    Love all of us in Austin, TX.

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