May 27th West Buttress Team — Moves to High Camp

Terry reports in from High Camp at 17,200′. A long and beautiful day of climbing took them up the fixed lines and across the 16,000′ ridge to High Camp. This is one of the most spectacular days of climbing on the mountain as you traverse a narrow snow and ice covered ridge-line speckled with granite rock. It is also a very challenging and arduous day as you carry the weight of a full camp from 14,200′ to 17,200′. Due to weather, the team has decided to make a bid for the summit the very next day on Friday the 11th. Let’s go!



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  1. This was a great report, but Terry cut out when he was about to tell us about his not climbing today. I hope the group has a successful climb today! I am loving your reports each day. I am Terry’s junior high band director, so it is really neat to follow this trip!

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