May 27th West Buttress Team Backcarries From 10K

The May 27th West Buttress expedition had a sort of active rest day today. They dropped down from their 11,000′ camp to dig up and retrieve the cache they placed at around 10,000′ a couple days ago. We call this making a “backcarry” or “backcarrying.” It only took them about a half hour to hike down to their cache site and about an hour to ferry their loads back into camp. Compared to the previous three days of work, it was a pretty mellow day.

The plan for tomorrow is to carry loads up to 13,500′ and deposit them into another cache. Thus far, they have been hiking on glaciated terrain, but tomorrow, they will strap crampons to their boots, and start climbing!

Here is Leif or Terry (if you can let us know who’s voice is on the line, we’d appreciate it!):


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  1. Always enjoy hearing from Jessie adventures ! Enjoyed the videos of previous climbs even more ! Stay Safe!

    To my Northeast ears Terry sounds like a ” fine Good OL Boy “.

    Uncle Tom

  2. For those unfamiliar with Paw Patrol (you are invited to be fully inducted at our home…it would not take long), Everest is the snow pup. She is on the mountain with Terry and we are looking forward to photos of her mountain adventure. At two inches tall she isn’t taking up too much space amid his gear or adding to the weight but I am sure she misses Angus, who misses her and who really misses and is really proud of his Daddy.

    Mama K is cheering you all on. She saw the Preserve today and loves it.

    Does Terry have a southern accent?!

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