May 27 Team Backcarries to Windy Corner

Lucy calls in from Camp 3 last night. The team backcarried to Windy Corner yesterday. The dropped down from camp at 14,200′ (4328m) to their Windy Corner cache at 13,200′ (4023m). After digging up their cache, they put all their supplies in their backpacks and climbed back up to Camp 3. This typically only takes a couple hours or so. The team is preparing to climb the headwall above Camp 3, ascending the fixed lines up to 16,200′ (4937m) to put in their last cache of the trip! In order to prepare for this, the team will practice using ascenders and running belays with snow pickets.

A 2021 team leaving Camp 3

Here’s Lucy:


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  1. Nice work, Mom and Lucy! Sounds like a fun and exciting and intense way to get the gear up to the last cache. Alee and I are 3 hours into our cross country trip. We had a great time at the wedding and the river. I finally caught a fish from our fancy kayak. 19″ speckled trout. Cooked it up for John, Lindsay and baby jack Stillwell. Enjoying the simple life down here at 0′! We miss you and are very proud! Keep it up!


  2. Go team! We have all been tuning in and loving your updates! We are all so proud of you guys! Hope the weather stays “spectacurally gorgeous” (to use mom’s words)! Be safe as you keep moving up. Can’t wait to hear what is next up! Love you, Mom, from all the Halsey-Moores/Breedens!

  3. go mom! (Lucy) you are such a bad ass! we’re all so proud of you. you are so tough and incredible to be taking on this massive challenge. Can’t wait to see you well you get home and sophie can’t wait to snuggle with you. Not much to report from NYC but I finished a painting this week which i’m excited to share with you when you’re back. again, we are all so proud of you. when things get really tough just remember that your body is strong and your mind is even stronger. we love you.

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