May 27 Team Arrives at Camp 2

Yesterday the team packed up camp at Camp 1 (7,800′ 2377m) and lugged it all first up Ski Hill which rises about 1,200′ above Camp 1. From here the team experiences some rolling terrain back up their cache site at 10,200′ (3108m). They continue climbing past the cache site up another hill into a small basin where Camp 2 resides at 11,200′ (3413m). Camp 2 is surrounded by ice slopes and large seracs (a block or column of ice found on glaciers, often at an icefall or below a hanging glacier). It sits right below Motorcycle Hill which rises for a mile above camp, leading climbers into the upper reaches of the mountain and more technical terrain. The camp has a much more mountainous feel than the flat expanse of the lower glacier, as granite walls began to reach out of the ice and snow and the views start to expand of the peaks surrounding Denali. Usually a fun social scene here as groups continue to move up the mountain.

Camp 2, early season.


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  1. Loved hearing your voice Corell. Everyone here is excited for you! It’s only 99 degrees in Virginia. Send us some of your cold air! Love you!!

  2. Hi Corell & Lucy-
    Thinking of you and this is so fun to hear your voice Corell! Glad the trip is going well and sending lots of encouraging love your way. IT IS SO HOT HERE!!! Quarry is only cool place. Take good care of yourselves. So proud of you both! XOXO Laura

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