May 27 Final Blog

From the comfortable confines of the Mountain Trip house in Anchorage I would like to, once again, thank Arthur, Diarmuid, David, George, Kari, Peter and Roman for climbing with us on Denali.  We were all tested by the mountain and I believe that we came away with a respectful experience in the Alaska Range. Our trip can be defined by a series of storms that came through the Range while we were at the 14,200′ camp.  For 6 days we saw strong winds, 4+’ of snow, and some of the largest and most widespread avalanche cycles that I have seen on Denali.

When the storms abated we were left with precious little time for a shot at the summit.  We got ourselves into position at high camp but our one chance at the top was washed away by strong winds and cold temperatures.  The disappointment was visible for a moment but seconds later we shook each others hands and congratulated one another on a strong effort and then focused our energy on getting down this big mountain.  I respect the manner which you all dealt with this disappointment and believe this to be a more important part of your character than whether or not you stood on top of a mountain.  Thanks!

And Thank You to all the family and friends that made this trip possible.  We could not of had this experience with out your help.


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