May 26 Team Arrives at Basecamp

The team called in from Base Camp yesterday at 7,200′ (2194m). Base Camp is located on the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier, a tributary of the mile wide and 40 mile long Kahiltna Glacier. After days of packing, months of preparation, and perhaps years of anticipation, this is the moment when it all starts to feel real! The team will make camp here, and use this time to go through their gear one last time. Making sure they understand how to load their packs, sleds, and to tie in appropriately to a rope team. They had an awesome dinner last night of kabobs, eclairs, and salad. Teams will often buy fresh food in Talkeetna and fly it in with them. It gives you that last chance to enjoy some fresh veggies before spending weeks on the frozen tundra of the north! Early this morning they packed everything up and began their 5 mile journey across the glacier to Camp 1.

This is a sweet intro to the team!


and more intros!


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