May 26 Denali Team Is Flying To The Glacier!

Well, the weather is breaking and the patient members of our May 26th team are flying to the glacier!  They have spent five full days doing the “Talkeetna Hang,” which might well be a Mountain Trip record.

Josh Garner sent us the following post, and Ian Nicholson shared the images below.

“6 days into our “Talkeetna Hang,” the team is keeping spirits high for our upcoming adventure. Between our constant weather forecast checks, our days are filled with walking around the muddy streets of Talkeetna, phone calls to friends and family, strolling over to the Ranger Station and looking at old photos of the Alaska Range, playing ping pong at the Fairview Inn and card games at our rental cabin. We’ve all heard the reports of the lousy weather on the mountain, and we’re grateful to be resting comfortably in town. The rain comes and goes, and we’re storing up our energy for what lies ahead!” -Josh Garner


The team optimistically giving a hip-hip-hooray for preparing to load into a ski plane.



Loaded onto a ski-equipped Otter and ready to fly!


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  1. Vamos viejo fuerza. Mucho frío? Como va el equipo? Aquí está lloviendo mucho. En que campamento están?

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