May 25 Denali West Buttress Team – Moves to Camp 1 (7,800′)

The May 25 Team moved to Camp 1 at 7800′ yesterday. This day consists of a single carry, meaning the team carries all the gear for the entire trip (about 110lbs per person!) to their first camp which is about 5.5 miles and 1000′ of elevation gain. Climbers say that this is often one of the most difficult days on the mountain.

Today the team plans to put in a cache of gear and food to be used on the upper mountain around 10,000′. These cache days are an important part of the acclimatization schedule. This is also a strategy to keep the team feeling fresh by making each day from here on out a bit lighter. The team should be able to call in with a dispatch tonight. Stay tuned!

-Mountain Trip


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